Nothing is a more lasting and potentially profitable than land investments. The supply of available land is not infinite.

Therefore, price is driven by supply and demand. Business Broker World has helped countless investors in the US and abroad acquire the land they need for many different projects. Our resources and connections range widely at home and abroad with foreign investors who wish to buy land in the US.

There are many categories of investment land. The first step is to decide which type of land you want whether you are looking for a development opportunity, pasture for grazing, waterfront or mountain property. In the acquisition of land for investment location, location, location  are critical considerations because location always determines present and future price. Additionally, you must consider the demographics surrounding the property. When deciding to purchase land it is vital to understand your entry and exit strategy. That means having a clear mental picture of what and when you are going to do with it once you buy it. Local county ordinances and zoning regulations will govern what you will be allowed to do after you close. Therefore, careful due diligence and research is critical before you make your purchase. Regardless of what you intend to do with the land, we suggest you speak to the county zoning office and seek the advice (as necessary) of a land surveyor, an engineer and/or an architect, whoever is appropriate, to become familiar with your  options before you part with your money.

One vital consideration when buying land is contamination and pollution in the ground. Contamination clean up can be extremely costly.  Most lenders will require buyers to have third-party environmental testing done and a detailed written report on any finding before a loan is made. Even if you are buying with cash, we always recommend doing an environmental study.

Business Broker World is a trusted name in consulting buyers about land investments. If you have an interest in buying land, please call or email us. One of our land investment specialists will be delighted to assist you.

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