Our Mission is to establish long-term Business Buyer and Seller relationships while delivering extraordinary service,top-level expertise and guidance designed to surpass our client’s highest expectations.

We work with clients across the United States and overseas. One of our primary niches is overseas investors who wish to immigrate to the US and live in Florida, but in order to qualify for a Business Investor Visa they must buy a Business or Franchises and make a sizable investment. We typically act as a transaction broker representing both buyers and sellers.

Within the US, we work with a broad range of individuals with diverse backgrounds, many who are moving to Florida from cold climate, northern states and want to buy a business in order to stay active. Other buyers have already retired to Florida and by now are tired of playing golf, sailing or fishing and quite simply are looking for something to do. Regardless of individual situations, Business Broker World is in business to serve our clients by making available the best opportunities, the best strategies, knowledge, and experience which is delivered with integrity and professionalism.

Buying or selling a business is a major decision that requires commitment. Therefore, it can involve stress, evoke fear and many other emotions for buyers and sellers. It is a process completely different from buying or selling a home, a boat, or car. The purchase or sale of a business is a complex task. The process requires a knowledge of accounting, business valuation, buying, selling, financing, negotiating, marketing, human psychology and a background in business, accounting or entrepreneurship.

At Business Broker World, we are skilled, experienced and licensed professionals. We act as transactional agents and have duty bound obligation to represent both parties in an honorable and ethical way. Our job is to guide you in simple terms, step by step, through the buying or selling process, maintain your confidentiality, negotiate between the parties, minimize your stress, facilitate financing and help remove the many obstacles you can often face whether you are a buyer or a seller, leading to a successful closing.

Our Business Brokerage team are committed to your success and achievement and will go to all extremes to ensure they surpass your expectations to help you accomplish your goals.

“I’m not your business broker; I’m your Siamese twin. For a short, mutually-beneficial time, we are going to walk in lock-step… what’s good for you is good for me, and vice versa. I don’t get paid until you get paid.” – Len Krick


Our associates speak various languages and are happy to help make your dream come true.


Our agents are former business owners. They know what it takes to start a business.