Many countries around the world are still suffering economic hardship, government instability, and high taxation. Consequently, their citizens want to leave and immigrate to the United States. Not all countries have an E2 Visa Treaty with the US. In certain cases an L1 Visa may be a good option if the qualifying criteria can be met. ​ The L1 works in cases when an applicant for an US Business investor visa already has an established business in their home country. The L1 Visa is different from an E2 Visain many ways and has much stricter requirements because it can lead to a Green Card. The primary requirements are that the applicant buys a similar business in the US to that in their home country and creates jobs for American workers.

The L1 Visa will require the submission of a Business Plan for the Business being purchased along with the visa application. Business Broker World experienced and knowledgeable agents are licensed in Florida to assist visa applicants, not only with acquiring the qualifying Business they need, but also to write the necessary business plan.

Once the L1 Visa applicant buys a corresponding similar business in the US to that in their home country and their visa gets approved, he or she will be able to transfer themselves as the CEO to the US Company.

Since we are not licensed to give legal advice, please consult an Immigration Attorney to get more specific information and guidance on the L1 visa process.

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