It is not unusual to frequently meet business owners who do not operate their business by following a business plan. You probably wouldn’t take a hiking trip in the wilds of Alaska without proper planning: a map, a cell phone, a GPS and adequate food supplies. Whether you are a new, growing or well established business, a business plan is essential for success. Imagine the pilot of an airplane taking 300 passengers in the air on board a jet but he has no idea where he is going to land, how much fuel he has, what altitude he is going to climb to, what speed he is going or what his final destination will be. Similarly, in the operation of a business, wouldn’t an owner want to know the direction of his business, the value of his inventory, his weekly-monthly payroll, sales and profits among other key factors. The lack of business planning can be a contributing cause of failure. Abraham Lincoln was once quoted,

”If you have 8 hours to chop down a tree, then spend 6 hours sharpening the saw.”

At Business Broker World we believe that the beginning of all success starts by deciding what you want to achieve. That means having clarity about what end result you seek. In order to achieve the results you want you must first create a plan and then execute upon it. A business plan carefully written, followed step by step and update often is like a road-map to success.

No two businesses are alike. Hence, it follows that no two business plans are exactly alike. Therefore, we offer a variety of customized Business Plan to meet the needs our clients based on their industry, business size,goals and their intended use and purpose for the plan.

Types of Business Plans offered:


Designed and customized for new business start-ups


Created and customized for established, growing businesses 


Comprehensive, advanced plans for well established businesses

Business Broker World

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