Our Commercial Leasing & Management services involve representing International and US property clients who own apartments, retail strip centers, industrial warehousing, office buildings and mobile home parks in Florida. Some of the greatest advantages of using our leasing and management services are that you retain the benefits of property ownership, while receiving monthly residual income, principal…

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Commercial real estate, especially warehouses, is an investment that can always provide long term security and profitability. Businesses, especially manufacturers need warehouse space and they need it right now. This is an opportunity to expand your investments and create a cash flow stream for long into the future…

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As our economy has bounced back from the downturn, the demand for office space has increased and office vacancy rates have shrunk. Office space once again, may likely be a sound investment for Commercial Real Estate Investors, especially in Florida. Due to the state’s aging population, the need for medical related office space, elder care…

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If you are considering investing in commercial real estate, retail space may be one of the better sectors. Even though demand for retail may vary with shifts in economic conditions, one thing is for sure   there will always be a need for retail. While the internet has opened up the door for many online retailers who sell…

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Whether the economy is up or down people always need a place to live making apartments a virtual recession proof investment.  Apartment investments range from smaller properties like Duplexes, Triplexes and Quads to moderate size buildings from 12 to 50 units and up. Larger apartment complexes range from 100-300 plus units….

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Nothing is a more lasting and potentially profitable than land investment. The supply of available land is not infinite Therefore, price is driven by supply and demand. Business Broker World has helped countless investors in the US and abroad acquire the land they need for many different projects. Our resources and connections range widely at…

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Business Broker World

Business Broker World is the Premier Restaurant Business Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate Firm in the South West Florida. Nobody SELLS more restaurants than Business Broker World. We specialize in the sale of existing restaurants and operating businesses, Commercial Real Estate leasing, and investment property.