What is Franchise Conversion?

Franchise conversion also known as franchise development is the process under which an already established, successful business goes through to become a turnkey ready to sell franchise. This is an exciting step for any business owner to transition their concept into a model that can be marketed and sold to others as a franchise brand.

How much does it cost to develop a franchise?

The cost of developing a franchise is highly affordable. Consider the outlay a fraction of what can be earned from the sale of a handful of franchises. In truth, Business Broker World has kept the franchise development cost, consulting and training to about half what a big name business law firm might charge. We are committed to entrepreneurship and want to make it possible for any business owner with a unique concept and the desire to become a franchise. No two franchise projects are alike. There are many variables that determine the final agreed price.  However, we can get creative so long as we have a reasonable amount of money down.

If you think you have a unique business concept that you would like to have evaluated for a franchise conversion, contact us for a complimentary consultation.