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Our Team | Business Broker World

Our Team

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Denis J. Burke, MBA

Managing Broker

Denis J. Burke was born and raised on a small island off the coast of Ireland. He immigrated to the US in 1986 and after 14 years in America became a Naturalized United States Citizen. He is the CEO and President of Business Broker World. He has been a lifelong Entrepreneur and has over 30 years Business experience as an owner, partner and consultant. His education consist of several qualification and degrees from schools in Ireland and in the US including a BS Degree from the Academy of Food Marketing at St Joseph’s University, Philadelphia PA.He is a skilled writer, public speaker, educator and a published author. In 2013, he was a guest on over 100 talk radio shows, interviewed by Money Magazine and wrote an article in USA Today Magazine and Home Business Magazine. Denis is an active member of Toastmaster International, a member of the International Franchise Professional Group, and a member of the International Business Brokers Association. He has also been certified and awarded the prestigious designation of Accredited Business Intermediary by the American Business Brokers Association. Among his other accomplishments, he is a licensed Florida & Georgia Business Broker and Commercial Real Estate Expert. Denis’s philosophy is to conduct all business with the utmost of confidentiality, trust and integrity and to render the highest level of service to his clients through analysis and solution based consulting.
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Jean Burke

Business Broker

Jean is an active member of Business Broker World here to assist you in anyway possible.

Nina Dennison


Nina is originally from Upstate NY where she learned the value of hard work and Entrepreneurial spirit. The Business bug hit early on as she watched family enjoy the freedom of working for themselves. Eventually she went on to open her own businesses in the wellness and retail industry. She always has an Excitement to help others find their dream, turning that passion into a living she became licensed specializing in Commercial Real Estate. It's a great pleasure for her to help you find the Best fit for your life.