As our economy has bounced back from the downturn, the demand for office space has increased and office vacancy rates have shrunk. Office space once again, may likely be a sound investment for Commercial Real Estate Investors, especially in Florida. Due to the state’s aging population, the need for medical related office space, elder care legal services, and medical, non-medical staffing, office space is sharply on the rise. The experienced team at Business Broker World has helped countless office property buyers here in the US, and throughout the world, to secure solid office investments in a variety of Florida markets.


Class “A” Office
This is typically high end sophisticated office space with fancy finishes occupied by professional upscale tenants. Rent prices are generally very high to reflect the location and ambiance of the space.

Class “B” Office
This space is commonly less upscale appealing to more main stream tenants. Rent prices are more moderate to reflect the decor and less sophisticated ambiance.

Class “C” Office
This space is less fancy with more common features and functionality to appeal to lower budget tenants. Rent prices are lower to reflect a less sophisticated, more casual, work environment.

Medical Office Space
Built exclusively to accommodate individuals in the medical field, typically family doctor practitioners, dentistry practices, MRI, chiropractic, therapy clinics and more.

Executive Suites
Usually Class “A” space located in a prime area. These spaces are full service “single tenant” offices with utilities and furniture included plus an array of support services. The leases are “short-term” routinely from 3 months to 1 year. The concept is ideal for start-up companies and individuals who no longer find it productive working from their homes.